no prayers, please

Image: The Intercept
so many people praying for vegas.
i guess it’s working?
no way to tell, really. as a country we never prayed harder than after sandy hook and charleston to just make it stop and yet it continues. another news cycle swings through and another guy looks into his mirror one last time and thinks, today is the day I kill more people than the last guy. prayers didn’t intervene in his rampage.
if religion were a stock would we rate it a buy based on recent performance?
maybe prayer doesn’t work after all or maybe the god y’all are praying to doesn’t care to heed your pleas.
maybe there was a god at some point in the antediluvia of humanity in space but it gave up and abandoned us to destroy ourselves. the evidence is there. left unchecked human beings will be pretty terrible to one another—think stanford prison experiment or abu ghraib or mi lai or dachau. maybe wholesale slaughter is part of your god’s plan. certainly seems that way for the yazidis, who’ve been relentlessly murdered to near extinction while their daughters were stolen from their dying parents and sold into sexual slavery. one hundred million were inhumanly killed under stalin, mao and hitler. is this all part of this ‘plan’ you speak of? seems a strange deity to hitch your wagon to…
it’s one that creates a soul with the capacity for evil to inhabit a human vessel it can’t communicate with and then promises it redemption if it will only not act through its flawed human in a way it was designed to act but if it does so, suffers eternal damnation and separation from the very creator that breathed life into it in the first place. seems reasonable.
we should all give more money to the pastors, priests, rabbis, imams and knock-off bishops so they can bestow some rolex wisdom on us in our time of national suffering – that’ll work, surely. it’s worked so far.

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