The Last Meridian



The road trip from Chicago to the West Coast is epic:

“The clutch slipped on the incline and she grunted it back into gear on the crest of a road leading dead west to deliverance.”

Nina’s first hurdle is a police road check.

Someone has been murdered.

It’s her first witnessed kill.

That thread won’t be picked up until much later in the story.

Joe is the master of threading tapestry. I’m thinking, I’m going to get lost. I’m thinking, nothing is going to tie in. And Joe is thinking, just try me.

The small bit gangsters of Chicago are almost cute, in their tough language and petty aspirations. But don’t cross ’em:

“He put on his hat without moving a hair, and spoke first. “Hey, Gerry boy, what’s goin’ on? What are ya, gettin’ donuts?”

“Yeah, Nicky, two glazed. How’s things? Beautiful car.” “It’s a Lincoln.” “I know, I…

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