The Last Meridian

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On May 22, I’ll be releasing a novel through Evolved Publishing.


The Last Meridian is a mystery set in Los Angeles in 1965. It’s a story of a woman named Nina Ferrer, an interior designer to the Hollywood elite. Before graduating the Chicago Art Institute in 1948, she got pregnant and gave up her newborn son for adoption. Now sixteen years later, that boy has been arrested for murder. To help him, her life must unravel.

If you enjoy Bacall/Bogey, private-eye movies, you’ll likely appreciate the setting and hard-boiled dialogue that brings you this story. The characters are genuine, irreverent and sometimes, sarcastic.

The story is less of a whodunit and more of an inside look at a woman who built a seemingly ideal life for herself, only to see it torn apart by murder, treachery, infidelity and a confrontation with her past. In crossing over The Last Meridian, Nina came to that place on earth where her history disintegrated. It can’t be reconstructed. The pieces are unrecognizable.


These are disquieting times, filled with excitement, along with, apprehension, self-doubt, pride and a nagging sense of the impostor syndrome.

A lot of mental sweat went into this. About a year ago I thought I’d finished it, but because of some polite but blunt advice from Ellen Brock, I had to restructure the entire manuscript. She said, “It just doesn’t work.” I let the project sit for a months but found I couldn’t stay away.

My current publisher/editor has patiently helped me to fix the small but numerous mechanical errors that gave the manuscript an unpolished feel. We believe it’s much better now.

The cover design was created by Jeroen ten Berge, a Dutch artist who studied at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. He’s now based in New Zealand. He’s a fantastic designer and a swell guy, easy to work with.

I’m close to finishing a second novel, due for release in November of 2017. This will be a  very different book than my first with EP. Tentatively titled Countdown to Osaka, it’s the story of Koi, a Yakuza enforcer on one last mission to kill a French gunrunner so she can save her dying mother’s honor. But, Koi doesn’t know the man she’s been ordered to kill is her father.

This story will be my homage to Elmore Leonard. I’m working with a couple of smart, sassy Japanese women to help with authenticity (more on this front later). It’s a fun project on which to work.

I should offer a polite nod to actress, Shannyn Sossamon. While editing The Last Meridian I saw her in a movie and it struck me how much she looked like the unfocused image I’d had in my mind of what Nina might look like. It was like recognizing a familiar face in an unexpected place. I knew the moment I saw her. “That’s her,” I thought. “Holy shit, it’s Nina Ferrer.”.

Of course, my mind drifted to fantasies of meeting Ms. Sossamon and having her fall in love with this story. I’ll try to make it happen while I maintain a slippery grasp on reality.

Oh, hey! Have some fun. Don’t click on Ms. Sossamon’s link until after you’ve read the book and please leave a review on Amazon. It helps. Thanks, folks. Take care.

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