Offshore Allure

I have never formally studied maritime history or naval architecture or even shipping as an industry, but I am fascinated by certain business sectors and the tools required to carry out those tasks. I certainly can’t fly a helicopter.

My current enchantment is the offshore oilfield services and heavy helicopters. The idea of these offshore support vessels (OSVs) and hulking rotary craft pushing out over wildfires and dangerous seas kind of appeals to the rough & ready character among the Walter-Mitty cast in my psyche. It’s interesting to learn how the businesses work and what factors contribute to their success or downfall. The people who do these jobs face enormous risk every day—and they make for great images.

Image: Bourbon Offshore
Image: Airbus
Image: Erickson Inc..

I occasionally write overviews of publicly traded companies for Seeking Alpha, a crowd-sourced equity research platform. I’m grateful their model gives me the latitude to write about any company or sector I choose, so long as my assessment is in some way actionable for investors.

My October hits include the OSV sector, Erickson and Canadian aerial services provider, CHC Helicopters. I’m working on a piece about Hornbeck Offshore. Stay connected…

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