TimkenSteel – An American Company

Hot rounds
Image: TimkenSteel

I view investments with a similar buy & hold philosophy of Warren Buffet, but I’m not completely averse to trading out of positions if necessary, which is akin to the “buy and homework” philosophy of Jim Cramer. I suppose that makes me a Jimmy Buffet investor (rimshot).

I’ve been watching TimkenSteel (TMST), which was spun off from Timken Company (TKR) in June of 2014. You can read my complete analysis of the company’s business model and future here at Seeking Alpha.

TimkenSteel is an American manufacturer of specialty steel products for the energy, automotive and hi-spec industrial sectors.

In doing my research, I learned some interesting things about the steel industry.  A sidebar for you; comparing/contrasting steel and aluminum. Steel is a very recycle-friendly commodity, actually 100% recyclable. It maintains it’s steel essence regardless of the number of times it’s melted and reformed. Other metals are less so. In their production and life-cycle phases, such as in building autos, other ‘lightweight’ metals such as aluminum and magnesium emit more of the heavy, toxic greenhouse gasses GHGs (perfluorocarbons and sulfur hexafluoride) which have a much stronger global-warming impact than CO2. Betcha didn’t know that.

image 6
World Steel Association, Environmental Case Studies


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