The Trilogy Expands

I’ve just released Book II of my Texas crime trilogy.

“Alice” is another noir look at the synesthetic Texas ranger, Lamar McNelly, but with a transition to a new joehefferton_alice_3d (1)character, Lieutenant Chucho Zarate, a stalwart family man who suffers for the actors in his investigations.

One of the goals of this series is to tell overlapping crime stories about recurring characters, but with distinctions in voice, as if a few guys in hats are occupying the smokey corner of a bar, each telling a different story about McNelly or some other tangent tale.

Men like to tell stories in bars. It keeps them busy so there’s more time to marinate ice cubes. These Texans share similar histories and other commonalities, but have unique styles of recounting the events of their lives. The facts, well; they’re just sort of a jumping-off point. It’s what stays with you after the story is told that matters.

Book one was written in a southern vernacular, book two is more urban, a little Elmore Leonard with a string tie and a Chicano accent.

The first story is self-contained. Book two keeps the door open to a sequel. I’ll get there, the yeast is in the brew.

I’d like to thank Maggie Pazian and Mike Palestina of The People-Intell Institute for helping me understand the nuances of emotional expression. They are the best there is.

I’d also like to thank my UK friend, Rachael Spellman, for her insight to the world of synaesthesia (British spelling for her). Rachael is a wonderfully talented writer. I enviously recommend her work. Spoiler alert: she’ll captivate you.

‘Texas Noir’ doesn’t really flow well off the tongue, but screams for help do. Own the series today or wait for the set. Whatever lets your blood.


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