Navios Maritime – A Strong Woman Has the Con

Courtesy Navios Maritime

It’s with a sort of sheepish enthusiasm I admit I’m fascinated by the massive vessels that move goods and commodities around the world. I recently published an overview of international shipping company, Navios Maritime, on Seeking Alpha.

Navios is led by Chair and CEO, Angeliki Frangou, who runs four shipping companies valued at more than $4Billion. Ms Frangou is a fifth-generation shipper who says simply, “Shipping is in my DNA.”

The shipping industry can be turbulent and the factors that go into evaluating such a company are varied and in a constant state of flux, shifting under commodity prices, world economics, weather and market capacity. “Shipping is a notoriously cyclical business. You have to be able to adapt and change to the new situations.”

CEO Angeliki Frangou

But Ms Frangou has the kind of calm demeanor that commands respect and a vision for the future of her company that fosters confidence. She is typical of the kind of leader I’ve profiled for “The best companies in the world survive when you have a diverse way of thinking.” She stands alone and unflappable in a male-dominated industry.”I am blind to gender, race or religion, and, if you don’t see limitations, the future is ahead of you.”

Read the full review of Navios Maritime here.


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